Position your business with EVVA Australia’s team and let us do the marketing work for you!

We need your help to identify clients that can be the subjects of our latest case studies (success stories). These are a valuable sales and marketing tool that benefit us all and we want to show our appreciation for your efforts in helping us produce them.

By now you would have seen our digital marketing. This is assisting us in creating new interest in EVVA systems. So, to show our appreciation we will design, produce, manage, and pay for a targeted personalised digital media campaign for your company promoting EVVA and your company. Details are below,


    1. Case study has to be a detailed account and not a short testimonial. EVVA Australia will edit all documentation and the final published document will be approved by your client. The account of the success story may include such things as the background of the client, situation before EPS or 4KS was installed, and their results or feedback since installation.
    2. Start date of the marketing campaign to be mutually decided. The campaign runs for a consecutive 2 weeks and cannot be split over multiple periods.
    3. EVVA Australia will publish the case study on our website evva.com.au indefinitely.
    4. We do not guarantee any sales leads as a result of this campaign.