AirKey | The locking system for flexible applications.

AirKey is the latest electronic lock innovation from one of Europe’s
leading manufacturers of locking systems – EVVA. The AirKey is
designed and manufactured in Austria and is available in a range
of cylinders to suit the Australian market. AirKey is perfect for
residential or single-lock commercial applications. Also it is an ideal
solution for businesses with multiple locations – nationally or internationally.
The system is managed using an app, and access can be
granted over the Internet allowing an NFC enabled Android phone
to grant access or even to be used as a programmer for traditional
proximity cards and fobs.

AirKey benefits at a glance

  • Suits IOS and Android phones.
  • Free, user friendly software as a web service.
  • Cylinders to suit the Australian and New Zealand markets.
  • No additional wiring required
  • Traditional proximity cards and fobs can also be used.
  • Completely remotely customizable
  • Access, authorisations and blacklisting can be sent via the Internet through NFC compatible smartphones to other coding stations and NFC phones
  • NFC enabled Android Smartphones – for programming and/or as the access media.


Web based setup

  • Web and app are free


Install your AirKey cylinders, download the AirKey app and registering to the online admin found at
Create a locking system and add all the NFC-compatible phones you wish to be authorised to access the system. Use one of these phones in “maintenance mode” to add all the cylinders within your system.
Redeem KeyCredits in the online admin and you are ready to use your easy and efficient system.

Software guide – Click here
Further installation information – Click here

Choose your key

  • Android smartphone with NFC
  • FOB
  • Card – Uses only EVVA original RFID cards


Changing the system is easy and can be done from a phone with the AirKey app or from the online admin. Adding ID media such as key tags and smartcards is as easy as dragging and dropping access components to the phone or ID media.

Use with these cylinders

  • Oval cylinder
  • Rim cylinder
  • Double Profile cylinder
  • Single Profile cylinder
  • Half Profile cylinder


AirKey cylinders match all common conventional locks and door thicknesses and install like a normal mechanical cylinder. Cylinders are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Assembly is easy and basic instructions can be found here


Simple, Smart, Secure.

» Easy to install » Simple to set up » Management is a breeze
» Upgrades to your system are available » User friendly every step of the way

RESIDENTIAL HOMES Can be used in residential dwellings for granting temporary access to friends, family or services providers such as plumbers, electricians, cleaners etc.
RESIDENTIAL APARTMENTS For strata control of resident access through common entry doors
RESTRICTING ACCESS OUTSIDE OF ALLOCATED TIME PERIODS + EASE OF IMPLEMENTATION + FLEXIBILITY Temporary real estate rentals, caravan parks, hosts, unmanned sporting facilities hire, co-working spaces, unmanned conference room hires
ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM FOR A SIMPLE APPLICATION IN SMALL COMMERCIAL PREMISES Offices, warehouses, factories, workshops, galleries, restaurants & other hospitality based businesses, retail shops, medical, health & wellness service providers, child care centres, aged care facilities, etc.


Do I need to take my phone out of the pocket?

Yes. The phone must also be unlocked from your home screen so that no unauthorised person can open your door.

Does the Airkey online administration communicate directly to the locks?

No. The locks must be manually updated with a phone or a coding station.

Do I need any extra hardware, for example, wireless access points?

No. Airkey is designed and aimed for any system as low as a single cylinder solution. This bridges the gap between mechanical systems and access control.

Can someone who doesn’t have access to my door still update the cylinder for me?

Yes. They need the app on their NFC enabled Android smartphone + authorisation code from you.

What does it mean when the blue light is flickering?

It simply means communicating/updating process is going on. You’ll be able to access the door as soon as the green light shows up.

What does ‘Protocol’ mean in the context of AirKey?

In this context it means an Audit Trail or a set of electronic records of the access events and other relevant information pertaining to your system’

What does ‘Blacklist’ stand for in the online administration?

The Blacklist is a record of deactivated media (proximity card, tag, smart phone). These media can be reactivated without the cost of a key credit (example: Useful to revoke access to someone temporarily)

What does the ‘Shared’ function allow you to do in the online administration?

The shared function allows you to share locking components (AirKey cylinder) with another AirKey system. This allows the recipient to add their own media, however the sharer retains the add/remove privileges to the lock.

Can a proximity card update a lock to add or remove access authorisations?

A proximity card can only add or remove their own access authorisations to the lock. If there are other maintenance changes required for other media the relevant lock or media will need to be updated with either a compatible smart phone or coding station.

How does the phone update?

The phone syncs with the app when the app is open and an active internet connection is established.

Will someone be able to enter my house if they steal my phone?

No, if the phone is lost or stolen, un-authorising the phone is a breeze through the online administration.

Can my smart phone update locks?

Yes, any NFC enabled Android phone connected to the system can update the locks to activate changes made from the online app.

Can media be used over multiple systems?

Tags and proximity cards can only be enrolled in one AirKey system at one time.

When do I get charged key credits?

Key credits are only charged when an authorisation is created or modified. Just like in the good old days, you would cut a key to issue someone a new key.

Do I need to update both – the proximity card and the lock to stop access?

No, you will only need to update one of the components, either the media or the locking component. The respective component will remember the changes and apply when the designated media and lock communicate.

Once a lock has backlisted a card, that card will hold the black list information and be refused entry to any other lock on the system.

What can the compatible smart phone do?
  • The smart phone can add locks and media into the system for editing later in the online system.
  • Update locks
  • Receive authorisations and be part of multiple AirKey systems as a key.

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