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Unlike conventional locking systems, 4KS uses a unique pinning system of springless carbide sliders that activate two sidebars to eliminate key bumping and make picking and scanning attacks near impossible.

And unlike conventional systems, the addition of these broaching sidebars means 4KS offers an astonishing 133 billion key combinations.


EVVA | Unique security

The unique technology of 4KS offers three different levels of protection against key reproduction, illegal key copies and manipulations:

Legal Protection

  • The patent on the 4KS system is valid until 2035. Through patents and licensing, EVVA restricts the manufacture of 4KS keys to a number of authorised locksmiths.

Controlled protection

  • It is a requirement that 4KS dealers store their components in a secure location within their business. This must include restricted access for their own staff
  • In addition, new keys can only be ordered by the system owner by supplying proof of identity that matches the dealer’s record
  • EVVA 4KS key blanks are only produced at EVVA and the distribution of the keys to authorised dealers is tightly controlled to ensure enhanced security
  • All master key coding by the dealer must be produced using an approved master key design software

Technical Protection

  • The 4KS key is technically difficult to reproduce without an advanced level of specialist knowledge
  • Key machines capable of cutting 4KS are licenced and require factory approval to be enabled to cut 4KS
  • Unlike many master key systems key machines are not able to decode the keys
  • 4KS cannot be decoded by key matching


In any situation | more protection

4KS is virtually pick proof. This is because of the complexity of the 12 slider’s alignment with not one locking element (shear line) but three.
Bumping relies on spring pressure to work when inserting a specially cut key. 4KS is springless, making bumping virtually impossible, not to mention the key blanks distribution is tightly controlled.
Impressioning is a covert method of producing a functioning key. Impressioning relies on marks being left on a blank key that are then filed to produce a key. Due to the frictionless design of 4KS this is virtually impossible.
Side bars are anti drill. The slider (Loading pin) are made from Carbide. There are also additional anti drill pins strategically replaced in the cylinder to increase drill resistance.

Schools can use 4KS to install complex master key systems, that will provide them with security and added expansion with even the most difficult and intricate systems.

Plus the unique four-curve system of 4KS allows individualised key profiles. Blanks from another school or organisation’s 4KS system will never work in your system.


After a simple, smart, and secure access control system that retrofits into existing door hardware with no hard wiring needed?

AirKey is the next evolution of locking systems, transforming your smart phone into a key. Available on both iPhone and Android, our system has been designed to meet the needs of the education system. Using your online administration account, you can manage who has access to your school, track entry and exit times, and even remotely send temporary access to visitors and contractors.

Want the best of both worlds?

We can combine EVVA AirKey with our 4KS master key system – perfect for added security across your schools campuses.



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