Lake Macquarie City Council


The Challenge

The City of Lake Macquarie, a local government area in the Hunter region, covers some 648 square kilometres and has a population of nearly 200,000 people. Lake Macquarie City Council is one of the largest Councils in NSW, employing more than 1100 people to deliver services to the community. Until a few years ago, however, lock security was an ad-hoc set of systems for different areas with no over-arching security strategy. But council realised it needed a single, reputable and secure master-key system to secure access to its multitude of buildings and departments.

The Solution

A formal tender process judged that the EVVA mechanical master key system was likely to meet Council’s needs better than similar products. EVVA mechanical master key system is now installed in approximately 75 per cent of Lake Macquarie City Council’s community facilities. Some six internal departments use EVVA in a full grandmaster configuration which encompasses several hundred installed locks and keys — and EVVA will eventually be used Council wide to secure all its offices, halls and facilities.


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