Australian Catholic University


The Challenge

Several years ago, Australian Catholic University (ACU) realised that their North Sydney campus could soon outgrow the capacity of their various locking systems. Existing security deployed as many as five individual lock systems to control access to eight different campus buildings. The result was a complex key registry that was difficult for management to oversee and control.

The Solution

EVVA mechanical master key system was selected to simplify key management and has the coding expansion required to cope with planned campus expansions. The implemented EVVA mechanical master key system consists of a tiered master key hierarchy with a grand master key, departmental master keys, service keys and individual keys for regular users. ACU now has a single system to control access to more than 850 doors and over 1,500 keys across the North Sydney campus. Furthermore, this can be expanded with any more campus expansions. ACU head of North Sydney campus operations, Michael Tuckwell, states that key control and management (using KM7 key management software) is now a breeze due to a single system being in place instead of five. Additionally, Michael highlights several ongoing benefits such as cylinders that are extremely reliable. Not only has this pleased the staff but it also means cylinders require less maintenance, further improving the cost-effectiveness of switching to an EVVA mechanical master key system.


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