EVVA 4KS & Australian Defence Magazine Podcast

EVVA 4KS & Australian Defence Magazine Podcast

A locksmith with over 30 years of experience and with an Executive Masters Business of Administration (EMBA), Geoff explains the ins and outs of securing physical locking systems, focusing on the new EVVA 4KS maximum security master key system as part of a layered security approach.

Geoff speaks about how the design of the patented EVVA 4KS keys ensures that their locks are less prone to environmental issues when compared to standard keys, making them ideal for typical Defence environments with dirt, dust, salt, and other debris.

He also notes that the keys themselves are of high strength and their design reduces opportunities for keys to be duplicated while the large number of coding combinations (in the billions) facilitates establishment of key trees that map to a location’s security area requirements.

Also discussed is the existing usage of EVVA 4KS keys in Defence, within Defence Industry and also in other locations including councils and private industry.

We also cover the fact that EVVA 4KS is commonly used in conjunction with access control systems. Even though the front door of a site has access control during the day, EVVA 4KS is the maximum security option for night time lock out.

With more people working remotely or working from home, it’s important to make sure that every point where information is handled is up to the security standards required in the Defence community.