What is Xesar?
| Access Control Simplified.

The Xesar system creates a fully functional virtual access control system by simply replacing your existing door hardware, cylinders and padlocks with electronic equivalents. The new components are then opened using access control cards, fobs or the optional combi-key. The combi-key is a mechanical EVVA master key coupled with an electronic chip in the head, allowing it to operate as both a mechanical key and an access control card.
The system is comprised of the Xesar software, EVVA key credits, electronic locking hardware, wall readers, coding station, updating tablet and media.
The Xesar system is managed using the free Xesar Software available from EVVA. The unique EVVA Key Credits system ensures that you only pay for any Access Authorizations you use. Deletions and lost media blocking are free.

Where does
Xesar work?

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Educational Facilities
  • Infrastructure Facilities


Xesar - how it works

The System is managed using the free Xesar software, in combination with the Xesar Coding Station and Tablet. The software is used to enrol users and locks and then to design and manipulate access authorisations. Access authorisations can be quickly and easily applied to individual users with the use of time-profile templates and lock areas. All locks feature manual and automatic time based passage mode. The Xesar Software also allows for temporary replacement media to be issued in the event of a lost or forgotten key.
Media are initially issued using the Xesar Coding Station. The format of the media is MIFARE DESFire EV1 and are available in Card, Fob or EVVA Combi Key.

Once the cylinders, handles and padlocks are installed the Xesar virtual network takes control. It uses the issued identification media not only to access authorised doors and locks but also to transport and exchange information between the Xesar software and locks. This information exchange is an automatic process every time the media is presented at an updating Wall Reader.
The Xesar updating Wall Reader can also be used to operate any door strike in a similar way to any common access control unit. Each Xesar system can support up to 14 updating control units. If the Xesar updating wall unit is installed on a selection of commonly used doors the media of the users is regularly and automatically updated simply through using the media to open the door. The update information is two-way and includes retrieving audit information from the lock and delivering lost media lists to the lock.

System utilises
PC & proximity



  • No WIFI repeaters or Sim cards
  • No wiring is required to escutcheons, handles, cylinders and padlocks.
  • Free Software with the unique Key Credits as a pay system where you only pay when allocating access rights.
  • IP65 Padlock
  • Lost media can be blocked
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • User media is automatically updated and downloaded when a Wall Reader Updating Unit is used.
  • All media has a refreshable validity period to guard against un-known lost media.
  • Simple and quick installation
  • The virtual network automatically distributes and retrieves updates to and from the door during normal usage by storing and transporting information including the validity period on the media of system users. This information is automatically transferred both ways between the media and the data base when a Wall Reader Updating Unit is used.
  • Manual or time dependent automatic passage (Office) mode
  • Administrators require a password and a special administration card.

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