8 reasons more organisations choose EVVA


EVVA_Yellow_1High security design.
Evva manufacture high security locking systems that use patented
technology to eliminate key bumping and minimise intruders’
ability to tamper with, pick, or bypass the locks.

EVVA_Yellow_2Ease of use.
EVVA DPS has smooth key insertion with its
paracentric key way. EVVA 3KPlus has rounded
key contours and is a fully reversible key.

EVVA_Yellow_3Long-life, anti-wear parts.
The combination of quality material and exceptional
engineering designs are why Evva cylinders have been
cycle tested up to 300,000 operations.

EVVA cylinders can be crafted to suit almost
any lock or door, including those of other
leading brands.

EVVA_Yellow_5 Three-level anti-copy protection.
Patents, correct authorisations and the
technical complexity of the keys make illicit
copying extremely difficult.

EVVA_Yellow_6Hardened components.
Hardened metal elements provide
exceptional resistance to drilling, impact,
or plug-pulling attacks.

EVVA_Yellow_7 Low chance of phantom keys.
The use of multiple dealer profiles mean Evva systems can
calculate huge numbers of codes to calculated the
largest of master key systems with less chance of phantom keys.

EVVA_Yellow_8 Approvals.
SCEC approved and Australian standards
approved to Sc8 AS4145.2 for maximum security
and quality.