How the EVVA masterkey system works

The more complex a masterkey system becomes, the greater the chance of a key being able to work a lock in your system when it is not meant to do so. It might be a random key on your key ring. It could be somebody else’s. And it’s a major nightmare when your organisation has thousands of doors to secure and watertight security is essential.

EVVA’s masterkey stystems are specially designed to eliminate this problem.

A unique design generates unmatched key coding flexibility. The result is virtually limitless lock-opening combinations — an immense number that allows the implementation of large and complex security hierarchies while keeping the chance if phantom keys at a minimum.

Plus, EVVA’s patent protected, SCEC approved security makes keys difficult to duplicate without authorisation, and locks nearly impossible to pick or bypass.

The nuts and blots

3KSplus The EVVA 3KS Plus system uses a unique pinning system using Carbide sliders to activate 2 carbide sidebars. In addition, a profiling sidebar is added to create multi-broached key systems allowing qualified locksmiths to install the largest of key systems.


DPS EVVA DPS has high-security, anti-pick, anti-bump sliders made from Teflon impregnated nickel silver. They are protected by hardened sidebar blocking pins and a key control hook pin. The cylinder fronts have hardened steel pins to protect the cylinder against attacks. All EVVA systems are compatible with all current key control management software.