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EPS is a restricted master key system that combines high security with both high quality and high value. The system is suitable for installations ranging from a single door to the large and complex master key systems

What is EPS?

EPS – Mechanical High Security Locking System With Patented Technology suitable for even the most harsh environments.
Suitable for simple key alike systems, small master key systems through to large complex multi level master key systems.

Who is EVVA?

One of Europe’s leaders in masterkey security

Since EVVA’s foundation in 1919, the Vienna based Austrian company has grown rapidly to become one of the world’s largest manufacturer of keying systems.

EVVA’s name derives from a drive for invention, experimentation and application that has underpinned its reputation as a leader in the development of groundbreaking security technology.

A byword for security, EVVA has filed applications for more than 140 national and international patents over its 100 years of operation.
It is the first to attain ISO9001 certification for quality in design and production.

EVVA is exclusively distributed in Australia by the Davcor Group — a large distributor of hardware and security products in Australia.
Davcor works with a network of more than 95 locksmiths across Australia and New Zealand that are the only people in Oceania authorised to install and service EVVA masterkey systems.



EVVA EPS is not a simple pin-tumbler system, EPS employs unique, patented features to harden it against lockpicking, drilling and key bumping, as well as making key theft and illicit duplication more difficult.
At the front of the cylinder more hardened steel pins provide additional intrusion-resistance.

In addition, multiple broaching sidebars (providing a theoretical 133 million combinations) enable locksmiths to develop and install large multi-tiered hierarchies of thousands of locks with a very low probability of phantom keys. All cylinders are made from brass, stainless steel and nickel components to deliver maximum operational lifespan.

Each key has a number of side cuts with matching notches to the key’s side cuts. Cylinders contain a key sidebar with matching notches. When a user inserts the correct key, the sidebars cut in the key line up with those etched into the sidebar in the cylinder. This allows key rotation and the lock to open.


Features include:

  • High security design
  • Suits all environmental condition
  • Long life – anti wear parts
  • Three level anti -copy protection
  • Drilling protection
  • Picking and scanning protection
  • Bump resistant
  • Available in all common cylinder designs

Each masterkey has its own unique set of access permissions: some allow office managers unrestricted access to their particular section (but nowhere else); some are for contract cleaners restricted to specific areas; others are for security guards with very broad access requirements.
An EPS system enables locksmiths to make specific masterkeys that meet any of these requirements — whether a user needs access to just three locks within the system, or as many as three thousand.

Critically, the patented design and keying algorithms that drive the security of the EPS minimise phantom key risk in even these large and complex security systems.

Normal masterkey systems cannot adequately handle this sort of hierarchical complexity. As the system scales, the possibility of phantom keys occurring rapidly becomes unacceptably large.



A masterkey system to protect any facility in any industry

The EPS system delivers such robust security that keys are difficult to illicitly copy, locks are extremely difficult to pick or bypass and phantom keys are nearly impossible. This is why it’s the masterkey system of choice for industries and organisations that demand superior security.

EPS is recognised globally for security, quality and value and has been installed in 1000’s of facilities.

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AirportsSecure hangers, gates, server rooms and restricted access areas where maintaining sterile control is critical
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Local Government and Government.Separate divisions may need to control access levels to different offices, halls or depots. EVVA provides this ability.
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RetailLock down stockrooms and offices in department stores.
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Hospitals and pharmaceutical.Exercise strict control over access to utility rooms, service areas and drug cabinets.
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UtilitiesSecure power plants, sub-stations and storage at large utilities like water boards.
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Transport & Logistics.Control access to secure yards, warehouses, depots and gates.
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Schools and universities.Secure entire school or university campuses while providing different tiers of access for individual departments.
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Resorts & Hotels.Secure rooms, office areas, laundries, kitchens and machinery areas.
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Telecommunication.Secure access, office areas, sensitive equipment rooms and IT areas.
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Residential.Easy, secure access control to residential areas.
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Commercial.Secure all aspects of a commercial outlet. Access control on a divisional level is available with EPS.
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Industrial.EPS offers second to none, maximum security options for industrial sites.


This includes oval cylinders to suit Lockwood, Kaba, Gainsborough, Legge mortice locks; rim and internal cylinders to suit Lockwood and other brands of deadlocks and deadlatches; fixed and floating cam profile cylinders; and locksets for Schlage, Carbine and Lockwood locksets.

EVVA also has cylinders to fit cupboard locks and T and L handles, padlocks, pushlocks and camlocks plus cylinders for keyswitches and rollerdoor locks.
All EVVA cylinders are cycle tested to at least 100,000 operations. Cylinders also meet the highest standards for corrosion and fire resistance, and can operate normally in temperatures from -20 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius.



EVVA cylinder range


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