3KSplus: the ultimate in masterkey security

When organisations require maximum intrusion resistance and flexibility in a masterkey system, they choose 3KSplus.

3KSplus provides up to 133 billion possible lock opening combinations

Unlike conventional locking systems, 3KSplus uses a unique pinning system of springless carbide sliders that activate two sidebars to eliminate key bumping and make picking and scanning attacks difficult and time-consuming. And unlike conventional systems, the addition of these broaching sidebars means 3KSplus offers an astonishing 133 billion theoretical key combinations. As a result, organisations can use 3KSplus to install complex locking systems with overlapping hierarchies with a near-zero likelihood of phantom keys. Plus the unique three-curve system of 3KSplus allows individualised key profiles. Blanks from one organisation’s 3KSplus system will never work in another organisations’ system.




Three levels of key control It is extraordinarily difficult to reverse engineer 3KSplus. Moreover, three separate systems guard against key tampering and illicit copying by staff, visitors or contractors:
EVVA_Yellow_1 Controlled protection Authorised locksmiths only clone keys when an additional security card is presented as proof of entitlement.


EVVA_Yellow_2 Legal protection Through patents and licensing, EVVA restricts the manufacture of 3KSplus keys to a number of authorized locksmiths


EVVA_Yellow_3 Technical protection Key reproduction cannot occur without specialised and expensive machinery.